Before some info on the new website, check out these pictures from our Saturday morning boot camp. So much fun! People that sleep in are MISSING OUT! Smile

Remember anyone can come and try out a class for FREE!

Kit Carson Park at 7:45 am by the south playground.






UPDATE- This website will be under construction in the next week. Don’t be alarmed if you see a generic wordpress site for a couple of days. We’ll get the new site up as soon as we can. See you at the park!


Strollerwise Patrol

The sheriff’s in town. That’s right. After Strollerwise class on Tuesday morning we had a special visit from the sheriff with his patrol car. The kids LOVED it! See, class isn’t just for us moms- the kids get some entertainment also!


Got Grit?

Well, I just ordered some shirts for us. I’m so excited. They say “Got Grit?” and then the company name. My inspiration for the “Got Grit?” came from an article I read in Women’s Health Magazine (a special thank you to my best friend Shannon for sending it to me). Here’s the link:


I just love the idea of pinpointing a long-term goal and knowing that it’s not going to be easy to get there. We have to put in the effort and hard work to obtain our goal. Overcoming obstacles is all part of the process.

I think about my boot campers, stroller moms, and clients every week. I know workouts aren’t easy, but the benefits are so rewarding. We’ve all accomplished something and can enjoy the rest of the day, night, or weekend.

Grit is about passion and persistence. It’s about sticking with things.  I have to remind myself of that often.  

Okay, there’s my inspiration for the day. Hope to see a lot of smiling faces early tomorrow morning. You are all amazing! Anyone else interested in joining us, come on out for boot camp! We’ll be at Kit Carson at 7:45!

Boot camp has been going great! I so look forward to seeing all the boot campers on Saturday mornings.  It’s such a great way to kick off the weekend. It makes the rest of the day (and dinner and wine) that much better! Remember, ANYONE is welcome. I instruct to accommodate all levels of fitness and we have such a fun group! Loving it! I’m so proud of everyone and their hard work. It’s not easy to make the commitment and push through class, but it’s so  rewarding! They are all  amazing! You can be too! Come join us any Saturday and try out a class for free!

Strollerwise classes are still in full swing also. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.  I’m looking to get some more mommies out there. It’s so great to have time to chat and be with our kids while we get a workout in. Not to mention the kids love it! Hoping to see some new faces out there to add to our group!

See you at the park!

Thanks for all of you that came out in the pouring rain last Saturday! Thank goodness we had an alternative location so we could move our workout. We can’t thank Laurie enough!!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow and some nice weather for a change! See you at the park! Woo hoo!

Hello! We’ll be at the park tomorrow rain or shine. We had a few brave ones come out last week in the rain (you know who you are and you’re AWESOME!)  and we had a great workout. A little soggy, but the rain held off for us! Bring your rain gear and warm clothes! Then you can bundle up and say inside the rest of the day feeling great!

And we’re off…….

Thanks everyone for coming out to bootcamp this morning! Everyone did such a great job! You all should be feeling really good right now! And even better tomorrow! Ha! See you at the park next Saturday morning! One more week to get the $10 discount! Bring a friend. First class is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!